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I am Catherine Marie Mellett Felix, an immigrant from  the south of Mexico and most importantly: A feminist. My work in activism centers around creating effective and spreadable ways of improving our society’s values towards a more gender-equal environment. Coming from Latinamerica, I have viewed closely the underlying rules that are created to keep women oppressed, some obvious and easier to confront, and some unspoken ways in which society has always functioned and will continue to if there isn’t action from everyone. I will continue my work in calling my generation to act on this and many other issues affecting our current world. 


Girley explores the effect that societal gender roles affect the way we view money, and how gender inequality and domestic abuse are worsened by these antiquated standards. Girley is about forging a path towards true gender equality through a mostly overlooked tool: financial education. The creation of a financial education app for girls is an important step in this long process, the creation of Girley will change the way we relate and teach finance to girls worldwide.

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