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Girley: A financial literacy app for all girls

Use financial independence as an empowerment tool today
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Our Story

Girley began as a way for Latin American women to escape domestic violence through financial independence. 

Our Vision

Our goal as a corporation is to change the way we relate and teach finance to girls around the world


An app is the best and most convenient way to spread financial literacy across the world, as our lessons are brief and tailored to the young generations

Who are we

How it works


The app starts with a simple, 5 minute quiz that determines the best learning path, with the topics that are most important to you. 

The app teaches financial education through small exercises and games tailored to a quick and convenient time span fit to teenage users. Our education model seeks to eradicate passive learning, as new studies show this may be the least effective way of learning.  

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A list of the most important topics for you to learn will appear. This is based on the needs of different target users and market research of our primary users: teenagers.


Your journey through Girley will be rewarded through a system of calendar streaks and coins earned per lesson. You can later use these to purchase prizes in the store. 

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How it works
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Be independent
Be Girley

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Girley is currently being developed by its creator. Coming to the app store in March 2024

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Girley is being currently developed
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